Finding the Best Running Shoes for High Arches

Differences with a High Arched Foot

Support is a crucial element when it comes to the problem of having a high arch. The center of the foot is higher which effectively means that when you run your weight pushes down more heavily on your heel and the ball of your foot. The most important and best thing you can do about this is to find a shoe that has an appropriately high insole so it can support your body’s weight and equally distribute it. Breathability is another very important factor since your foot needs an appropriate amount of air in order to move properly. Finding the best running shoe that lets your foot breathe shouldn’t really be a problem because most new running shoes are already made of lightweight, aerated materials.

Best Running Shoes For High Arches
Its important to let your feet breathe

Most commonly, the upper part of the shoe will be made of the most popular textile/fabric choice at that moment, while some models will have a more-less intricate design such as a mesh or other air allowing material as the top of the running shoe. When you’re trying on shoes, chose the one that you’ll feel most comfortable wearing even after a few hours.