7 Powerful Toe Exercises For High Arches

Great Toe Down

The exercise helps in developing smart neuromuscular connections with your feet. Along with using the best sneakers for high arches, it results in greater coordination between both toes and your feet. Here is the best way to do:

  • Stand straight with a normal gap between both feet.
  • Pull all your ten toes up.
  • Now, press only the big toes down and up for eight times.
  • Do the same with your small toes by keeping the big toes up.
Best Running Shoes For High Arches
Working out your feet and toes on a daily basis will help a lot


Here is one important point to consider for people suffering from high arches. To avoid hurting yourself, make sure you wear the best running shoes for high arches that would be applicable for many of the exercises mentioned above. These toe exercises will not even comfort you from the pain but also build stronger muscles around the feet. This will help you in managing the pain easily once you start following the exercises regularly.