7 Powerful Toe Exercises For High Arches

Toe Stretching

Stretching your toe correctly is a great way to deal with the high arch pain. Basically stretching relieves the tension between the connective tissues which reduces the foot pain.

Best Sneakers For High Arches
Start off your day with some toe stretching

Here is one toe stretching method you can follow to avoid high arch pain:

  • Sit on the floor and keep your legs straight in front of you.
  • Put a towel coiled around both the toes.
  • Now gently pull the towel to pull your toes closer.
  • Hold the position for at least 20 seconds initially.

Running using best running shoes for high arches

Although running is considered as best exercise but, here is a catch if you have high arches. It is highly recommended that you should not go for a long run and rather keep is short. In the market or over the internet you can easily find running shoes with perfect grip. To protect yourself from future injuries, make sure you should wisely select the best running shoes for high arches.