5 Things to Avoid If You Have High Arches

  1. Avoid Normal Shoes

In a market you will find many best quality flat running shoes but, not many for high arches. Yes, there are companies who manufactures specially designed best running shoes for high arches. When you use normal running shoes, you are putting more stress on toes and heels. But, it affects you adversely. You also know that your foot bone structure is different from normal people, then how can we expect no pain when we are using shoes designed for a normal foot? The best way to deal with the situation is to use running shoes designed for high arches foot. Trust me, after some time you will thank us for recommending this.

  1. Avoid Walking Barefoot

Best Running Shoes For High Arches
If you have high arches, its best to avoid barefoot walking

One of the biggest mistakes people usually makes at home. Because of the high arch, the body weight is not evenly distributed on whole foot which causes a lot of trouble because the cushion is missing. You will feel more pain because now your toe and heels are absorbing the shock from the floor and it is not good at all. We recommend you using best-running shoes for high arches even at home. You may won’t feel comfortable in the beginning but for sake of your foot, this is the best way to handle.